Ibiza - ‘Now covered’ Part 2 - 28 May – 3 June 2009

Wed 3 Jun 2009 14:52

The northern half and the southwestern extremity of Ibiza are mountainous and this was evident as we sailed around this spectacular coastline.


Our final three anchorages in Ibiza were Cala Talamanca, Cala Valada and Cala Portinax, all situated on the west and north coasts.




Leaving Esplamador for Ibiza Town & Talamanca Bay


We went specifically to Talamanca Bay, as this was the closest anchorage to visit Ibiza Town.  Albeit a bouncy anchorage and a long dinghy ride ashore, it was only a 20 minute walk into town!  Of course Michael couldn’t go by the chandlers without finding something to buy, this time a new gas strut for the forward anchor locker.  Then it was time to find the shop which sold ‘Crocs’ sandals.  Alan and Ann, had on many occasions said how good ‘Crocs’ are and are a must for ‘boat life’.  ‘Crocs’ are modern day plastic sandals, albeit a lot more expensive, but are extremely comfortable. So after some gentle persuasion we eventually brought a pair each and have not yet regretted the decision! 



Talamanca Bay (Ibiza Town) rather uninspirational!!


After getting the weather forecast for the next few days, we decided there were no safe anchorages to enable us to head up the east coast of Ibiza, so we decided to head back round to the west coast again and this time found a new anchorage Cala Valada, which was extremely narrow, with only room for about 5 yachts, but very pleasant.  The bay was also full of small red jellyfish, which put me off going in the sea!  I understand jellyfish are a problem in the Balearics, especially as the summer draws on and I’m not sure how badly they sting, if at all, but I’m certainly not going to wait and see!


Cala Valada


A 25 mile passage the next day enabled us to get north of the island and to one of the nearest drop off points for Majorca.   Our anchorage in Cala Portinax was beautiful and the water clear, which enthused me for the first time to don my fins and snorkel and go for a swim.


Anne making preparations to head into the water!!


The one thing about Portinax, is it’s full of British holidaymakers and the larger hotels all played loud music until the stroke of midnight (this was stated in the pilot book, so we shouldn’t complain!).  Despite this, we had an enjoyable 3 days exploring Portinax and sampling the touristy bit!






Various views around Portinatx


We couldn’t fault Ibiza and it’s rugged landscape and would definitely include Ibiza in future sailing itineraries.



Where has the last fortnight gone to………….next instalment, Majorca!



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