Fw: Starting again!!

Mon 26 Jul 2010 09:30
Well, what a year.  Not as we had anticipated, but as many know we had to change our plans.  Michael’s Dad needed an urgent hip replacement, so we decided to put everything on hold and leave Nimue in Sant Carles for another winter.

Nine months later..................

We arrived back in Sant Carles mid-May and were ‘over the moon’ to be back on board Nimue...... memories of those long cold winter days back in the UK were soon forgotten, replaced with dry, warm and sunny days. 

The weeks in Sant Carles seemed to fly by and many in the marina folk used to pass comment “you’re not still working on the boat”.    We were busy preparing Nimue for the Atlantic and also awaiting new sails and more importantly new rigging.  After my insistence we also purchased an electric toilet at the London Boat Show, which when Michael came to install it, turned out to be the wrong one.   So after numerous e-mails and conversations with Mailspeed, we were eventually sent the correct one and our friends, Cathy and Hugh, kindly took the wrong one by car back to the UK depot.  However, after what seemed hours of Michael making the necessary alterations to install it, it was quickly nicknamed ‘spit the bog’ for obvious reasons.  Nevertheless, even after sorting out this further complication, Michael understandably now has a love/hate relationship with ‘Spit”!!

Time even had to be spent arguing about a refund on a leaking Sevylor canoe, which we had purchased in the UK on E-bay!  But after quoting all the legal jargon at the seller, we eventually got a full refund.

We also went on ‘holiday’ to Madrid for 4 days to see our good friend Britt, who was nearing the end of a 6 month contract before returning to the UK.  We took the train down to Valencia and then onto a further train for 3.5 hours to Madrid.  The weather was very inclement (it rained!!!) for the majority of the time we were there, but this facilitated sight-seeing and walking most of Madrid!  Anyway we had a great time and our return journey was via good old Ryanair back to Valencia.  See separate Madrid write up for pictures.

We had planned to leave Sant Carles a week earlier than we eventually did, but I suppose in a way, we were reluctant to leave and we perhaps quite pleased when a dinghy part we had ordered was delayed in the post!  We are very fond of Sant Carles and have made so many good friends, which we will miss.  With the fact of having the knowledge that one day we will return, made our departure easier.  A summary of our time in Sant Carles (SC) will appear shortly.


Adios Joanne and SC Marina Staff                                                              Craig with Mark and Hugh and Mimi


Empty pontoon -----Nimue's gone!!                               Bye Bye again

Simon at the end of pier ensuring  our departure!!!!

We set off quietly from the marina at mid-day on 19th July and headed as we had done in 2009, to The Columbretes islands for some R&R!!