Memories of Nimue’s first Atlant ic crossing.

Sun 2 Jan 2011 12:38
The most important aspect of the Atlantic trip was to get us all and Nimue safely across.   However, with our extra crew, Nigel on board we were all looking forward to push Nimue a bit more than usual to enable a quick crossing e.g. circa 18 days.  However, from receiving the first weather reports in Tenerife, it was unlikely that we were ever going to get any strong trade winds for our trip.  Our expectations were raised after leaving Tenerife as we sailed on a fast broad reach for 2 ½ days, but then we came to a standstill as the wind just died.  After a refuelling stop in the Cape Verdes, we hit some stronger winds for a few days, but again they became inconsistent and rarely went above 15 knots.  Nimue sailed well, but we just knew that with 20 knots she would sail so much better and give a more comfortable ride.  The trouble with weak winds is that you still have a swell, which rocks the boat from side to side and this becomes very uncomfortable and tedious.  Apart from the lack of wind, the trip was a great achievement and a fantastic experience and we still managed to complete it 20 days!

 m_m_DSC00837 m_m_DSC00838

Leaving San Miguel Marina, Tenerife


m_P1030492 m_m_DSC00834 

Nigel with the Video camera – used to record each days’ activities


m_m_DSC00848 m_m_m_DSC00847

Leaving Tenerife, Mt Tiede in background                                                   Nimue with cruising chute’ bombing down’ the African coast                                                                


m_m_m_DSC00862 m_m_m_DSC00863

Fresh stores taken on board in Tenerife – The tomatoes were still good even after we arrived in Barbados

 m_P1030504 m_P1030510 

Dorado our first catch                                                            What a beautiful looking fish!

m_m_m_DSC00898 m_m_m_DSC00899

A Whopper of a Wahoo                                                          Too heavy for 2 men – over 50lbs!


Yes it actually bit Michael on his foot – Love this photo!


m_m_m_DSC00912 m_m_m_DSC00917

The 1000 miles to go party (the green boat represents Nimue) and it all went down well! 


Refuelling underway just before Cape Verdes

m_P1030512 m_m_m_DSC00885

Reporting in to Sally (Nigel’s wife)!                                   Cape  Verdes – Mindello port


Orca Whales

  m_m_m_DSC00901 m_m_m_DSC00905

Some exhilarating sailing

Some other notable events....

Having some fun with Nigel

Hitting a 35+ knot squall in the middle of the night!

The watermaker consistently made 25 gallons of water an hour, so we could all shower every other day.

The SSB (single side band radio) and eventually participating in the Net (enables you chat to other boats at a given time of the day).

Managing repairs on the go e.g. the outhaul shackle pin came unscrewed, which meant the mainsail was not attached to the end of the boom for a while

The 3.5 hour watch system – worked well, but that extra half hour became a struggle towards the end of the trip.

The night sky and ‘wall to wall’ stars


Early morning – just unbelievable colours!!                Daily Advent calendar opening

m_m_m_DSC00857 m_m_m_DSC00852

The ‘goodie bag’ for night watches                                 Nigel writing up his daily diary....

and finally.................................

m_m_m_DSC00926 m_m_m_DSC00927

Arriving in Barbados, hoisting courtesy and customs flags