Sun 26 Jun 2011 03:32

We set off down the Delaware Bay at 0530 from our anchorage at Reedy Island just 4 miles south of the C&D canal.  The tides are extraordinary around here, but we managed to successful negotiate the 50 mile stretch with tide with us all the way until the last half hour as we approached Cape May.  The last 130 miles up to New York proved quite interesting, as we were firstly invaded by hundreds of flies (others boats had the same problem] and we have since found out that the flies breed in baron areas on the beaches and can cause problems this time of year.  Overnight the weather turned decidedly chilly and then the fog came in during the morning.  Our approach to New York harbour was somewhat disappointing, as there was no Manhattan skyline appearing and  the only  thing we saw was the fairway entrance buoy.  The fog stayed with us as we approached Atlantic Highlands and stayed with us all day.

Today the weather was much brighter and so we decided to sail into New York proper; passing under the Verrazano bridge and into the Hudson River. The skyscrappers of Manhattan were quite breathtaking and one couldn't help but think of 09/11 as we were not far from where the Twin Towers once stood and it brought back memories of our trip to NY in the 1990s.

Next,  the real highlight and the one we had set out to achieve since leaving the UK; and that was to sai Nimue past the Statue of Liberty.  All I can say is that  we did it and it was everything we expected and more.  We are now anchored in the Hudson River, opposite  Central Park and we are both just pinching ourselves.............what an experience.