Mon 23 May 2011 22:08
The forecast for this  200nm trip were generally winds from the south 10-15 knots.    We departed with Scott Free from Conception Island in the late afternoon and by dusk we saw huge clouds just ahead of us and not long after that lightening flashing to port.  No rain showed up on the radar, so we presumed we were experiencing an electrical storm.  Anyway we headed further to port and eventually got round it.  Early next morning we saw another thunderstorm showing up on the radar and managed to route round most of it, but just caught the edge of it.  We were just putting out a reefed headsail when I heard an almighty bang and Michael saw a thunderbolt hit a water a 100 ft or so from Nimue.
A lovely days sailing followed and we were hoping not to have a repeat of the previous evening’s fireworks.  Wrong, another huge electrical storm appeared on the starboard horizon, which didn’t effect us, but just went on for hours.  Next morning we had yet another thunderstorm, but this time no lightening anywhere near us, just a few squalls.  As we were nearing the Man O War entry point (know as a ‘cut’ between the coral) to the Abaco sea and Marsh Harbour, yet another thunderstorm appeared from over the land and this time we got caught in heavy rain we all got drenched.
Arrived safely in Marsh Harbour and anchored with 0.1 metre of water under the keel!  Next trip 500nm to Morehead City, Beaufort, North Carolina.