5th Mar - 8th Mar 2013 Warderick Wells, The Exumas, Bahamas Part 2

Fri 8 Mar 2013 02:35
The following day we all dressed appropriately for a ‘4 hour’ coast walk around the island.   One had to be fairly nimble footed (not me then...!) to get over the sharp volcanic rock, but soon we were on the ‘so called’ trails.  After 2 hours, the already suspect paths, had started to peter out and we were only just over a quarter of our way round!    Val, (Rising Star) a former US Army Officer, turned out to be a very good guide and he did an excellent job in beating down the shrubs to make a path for us and help us dodge the notorious Poison wood trees.  Back across the jagged volcano rock and we were all happy to get back to HQ. The park ranger later advised the impact of Hurricane Sandy had destroyed many of the paths, but was still adamant the walk was undertaken by a family with children, which took them the allotted time!  Unfortunately, a few days later we heard that a middle aged lady had fallen on the rocks and died.
Arriving at Park Headquarters by dinghy
Every shade of blue............................
The horseshoe anchorage and you can just see Nimue (5th from left)
..............and now ‘the walk’
The trail passed through some thick greenery                                       Over to a tiny cove with volcanic rock
Over the little wooden bridge where we saw the odd stingray or two
Up the hill...............................                                                     where Val discovers a huge ex-termite nest
Then to the lovely beach overlooking Emerald Rock
Shoes off .................and time for a long deserved rest and ready for lunch
Shoes on and off we go, but it was not long before we got stuck in the thicket, so it was time to head back to HQ
Overlooking Exuma Sound  (yacht sailing)      
Michael relaxing back at HQ                                                                 Val & Lisa, heading back to Rising Star
Just the the two “dinks” left
Back to Nimue
Time for a well earned feast on the beach
A most beautiful place and can understand why it needs to be preserved.  After 3 days we departed for the famous Staniel Cay.