9 -16th April 2012 - To Beaufort, South Carolina

Mon 16 Apr 2012 03:08
After sailing a further 123nm , we arrived at another new East Coast destination; Beaufort (pronounced Bewfort), South Carolina and we spent the first night at anchor just outside the main town.  After making contact with Allan and Cathy Rae, the OCC representatives, we left the next day to tie up alongside their countryside house mooring in Brickyard Creek, just a few miles beyond Ladies Island Bridge. That evening we were invited, along with other cruisers for drinks at their house, which was very pleasant. 
We had use of their car to explore Beaufort and pick up a few groceries; which made life a whole lot easier.  A day or so before our intended departure, we made a shocking discovery!  On opening up the engine room, we noticed it was full of sea water and further investigation revealed the gearbox oil cooler had corroded and started to leak.  With Michael not physically able to sort out the problem, Kenny came to our rescue and managed to get the old unit dismantled.  So whilst Kenny and Michael were taking the unit to the welder to get it repaired, I was given the “wonderful” task of cleaning out the engine room!  It was our usual practice to leave a couple of nappies underneath the engine to pick up any drips from the engine, but with the amount of water that had accumulated in the compartment, they had become entangled in the propeller shaft and parts of salty nappies had been splayed in every ‘nook and cranny’ of the engine room.   I managed to clean up most of the mess, in readiness for the boys return with the repaired unit.  After a few more hours hard labour, the unit was finally fitted.  We waited with anticipation as we turned on the engine, but no leaks and a good job done!  Whilst all this was going on another cruising yacht named Patty D  arrived, with Matt and Pat on board.  It was not long before they had persuaded us to stop another day, which didn’t take too much doing and were also invited to join them at the end of their pier mooring (owned by Rick and Carol; Seven Seas reps) for an evening meal of cooked fried chicken, pulled pork, salads and home-made key lime pie; yum yum!
As we were leaving Fernandina Beach we passed this trawler returning to port
The anchorage outside of Beaufort SC
Waiting for Ladies Island ‘cantilever’ bridge to open
DSC_4779DSC_4771 (2)
Allan & Cathy’s house and Nimue moored at the end of their very long pier
DSC_4760DSC_4762 (2)
A shopping trip with Michael & Kenny                           Under a very old ‘live oak tree’
Allan sitting comfortably and son ‘Will’ on the dock
DSC_4782DSC_4790 (2)
Next door at Rick & Carol’s home, where Michael is in Rick’s hand built replica ship’s cabin and later, walking down their pier to find Patty D
Nimue and Loon at the end of the dock as seen from Rick and Carol’s pier (see below)
DSC_4829 (2)DSC_4806
Enjoying Patty D’s food with Matt & Pat, Rick & Carol and Kenny at the aptly named “Greentreehouse Landing”
Day of departure, with Loon in the background