Back in the USA and Nimue's re-launch - 26th Oct - 6th Nov 2011

Sun 6 Nov 2011 12:01
It was good to see the friendly face of Joe again, as picked us up from the airport and drove us back to Herrington Harbour North, where Nimue awaited us!   A few days later, Joe brought the finished stainless steel frame, which was finally fitted to Nimue’s stern.  Joe had done an excellent job and we were both very pleased with the finished result.   Over the next few days, Michael and I worked really hard to fix all the electronics back in place (my job was mainly to ensure all the various widths of electric cable came through smoothly, whilst Michael did all the difficult stuff!).  The fitting the new wind generator (D400) onto it’s pole was slightly tricky and Michael ended up going up a few steps on a step ladder placed on the stern of Nimue, holding the heavy wind generator body and blades (15kg).  At one stage he balanced the whole thing on his head and then finally lifted it into place.  All the time I was standing on the ladder making sure it didn’t move, as one slip could be disaster!
Nimue with her new arch/frame and being prepared for re-launch with Michael overseeing proceedings.
The yard guys were excellent; making sure the slings are put in the correct position (above & below)
Off we go................
Nimue travels to the lifting dock.  The re-cycle container was great and used when items no longer wanted by one owner could be “just the thing” for another!
The ‘fall’ was clearly upon us and the colourful trees looked resplendent in the boatyard