49 35 791N 15 19 943W - 20 July

Thu 20 Jul 2006 13:39
Last night the wind filled gradually in from the south, giving us a fine reach in force 5-6.  We were able to switch the engine off around 8pm.  The sea was flat and we were soon zipping along at 8-9 knots.  It was a cold wind - here is Juliet dressed for night watch:
We're used to just wearing a T-shirt and shorts!  It feels a bit strange to be so togged up - Mark says he feels like Pooh Bear as he is so fat with wearing all the clothes that he has brought with him.
Over the 24 hours to 1200 today we covered 170 miles, meaning that we are currently just over 340 miles from Bishop Rock.  We hope to be there in a little under 2 days. 
At 5.30 this morning we caught an albacore tuna, which we estimate is around 70cm long and weighs around 10lb.  It was our first catch in ages and so exciting. The lateral fin is unusually long for a tuna.  We have now been at sea for one week so fresh food is most welcome and we are looking forward to eating the fish.
Current conditions are that the wind has veered a little to SSW, enabling us to bear off a bit.  However, the sea state became rougher during the night so we are being thrown around a bit.  The occasional wave hits whoever is in the cockpit.  Our sail plan is the staysail and one reef in the mainsail.