Bequia - 21 December

Thu 22 Dec 2005 20:05

We left Marigot Bay yesterday and sailed to St Vincent, stopping at Wallalibou Bay. 
Taking down the St Lucian courtesy flag and hoisting the Grenadines flag
We found the whole island of St Vincent to be beautiful and unspoilt, and Wallilabou Bay a very atmospheric place, still with stage set in place from the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3.
Wallilabou Bay
Pirates be ye warned!
The only trouble with the place was the boat boys, who were a nuisance. When we first arrived we had six of them crowding around our boat trying to sell us fruit and jewellery.  In the end we had to all go below to get rid of them!  This morning one woke us up to ask if he could let our stern line off - he did not get a very warm reception.
Today we sailed to Bequia in the rain:
It cleared up as we arrived:
View from Keoma - the water colour is authentic!
We have anchored just off a beautiful beach, and plans are afoot for a barbeque there on Christmas Day.  There are lots of boats here that we know, so it should be quite a party.
The beach nearby