Isles des Saintes - 28 February

Fri 3 Mar 2006 21:09

This morning we awoke in Isles des Saintes, around 20 miles south of Guadeloupe, to find yacht Regina anchored directly in front of us, which was a wonderful surprise.  Leon, Karolina, Jessica and Jonathan had arrived during the night, from Grenada.  Although Leon and Karolina had only had around 1.5 hours of sleep they were still keen to walk up to Fort Napoleon (on one of the hills above the anchorage).
View from Fort Napoleon
The fort has been restored and was very interesting.  It now houses a museum containing exhibits relating to the islands and their maritime history. 
On the way back down we saw several iguanas.  This one was around 1 metre long:
Tomorrow we will leave here at first light, in order to be in Point a Pitre, capital of Guadeloupe, when Trevor and Mary (Juliet's parents) arrive.