39 35 719N 38 64 649W - 18 June

Sun 18 Jun 2006 19:52
We have now been underway for just over 8 days and covered 164 miles over the last 24 hours.  Last night we motored for a few hours and then the wind filled in from the NW, gradually veering around to the NNE, where it is now.  We have a force 4 and are close hauled, going into a medium sea.  We have around a knot of current against us. 
As things go, we seem likely to arrive in Flores within the next two days.  We are looking forward to meeting Blase in Flores as they are heading there currently, from Horta.
Last night Alice had been asleap in the forecabin, and came up into the cockpit saying she could hear the squeaking of dolphins playing at the bow of the boat.  We went up onto the foredeck and sure enough there were eight or so in the water in front of the boat.  They also came to the boat later in the night, leaving trails of phosphoresence in the water like vapour trails behind them as they streaked along.  We woke Pip up to see this as she had not yet seen them at night, and she stayed up for part of Juliet's night watch, which she thought was very exciting.
Still no fish.