Keoma - 29 November

Tue 29 Nov 2005 21:34
We are finding it hard to believe that we have been at sea for 9 days, and that we are now less than 300 miles to mid-way across the Atlantic.  As I write it is 9pm and we have just eaten roast chicken in the saloon.  From time to time one of us would take a look outside, and occasionally the increased sound of water outside will make us look at the GPS and say "we are doing over 11 knots" but we are not in the least concerned about it. We have had fantastic trade winds all day, of between 10 and 22 knots, directly behind the boat, as well as very gently surfing waves.  It has felt very stable on the boat, despite the high speeds.
Amanda and Nick playing Scrabble
Pip doing her schoolwork
This evening we caught another fish - yet another dolphin fish. They are very good eating so we are looking forward to having this tomorrow.
Nick with the fish
We had several fish get away today - we think it is because we are sailing too fast!  It is difficult to pull them in at this speed.
This evening we have had dolphins playing around the boat.  Alice noticed that from the forepeak we could hear them whistling to each other.
Drinks in the cockpit this evening
Today Charlie counted the loo rolls and gave us the worrying news that we only have seven left.  There may be a crisis looming...