Tobago Cays - 14 January

Sun 15 Jan 2006 00:39
Yesterday we arranged with Whitehaven to go for a walk up to the top of one of the islands in the Tobago Cays, called Petit Bateau.  We radioed them over the VHF to suggest the trip.  Apparently Regina and Kosh Long were also listening in and so they turned up too, which was great fun.
The view from the top was stunning:
View from the summit of Petit Bateau, looking South East over the anchorage.  Baradal is to the left of the picture and Petit Tabac is in the distance on the right.
After we climbed to the top, the children built a camp.
Alice on the beach of Petit Bateau with Baradal in the background
That evening we saw a spectacular sunset.  The colours look unreal on the photo below, but I have not changed it in any way.
Sunset over Union Island
This evening we are in Clifton, Union Island and plan to arrange customs clearance to leave the Grenadines tomorrow.  Our next stop will be a tiny island called Petit St Vincent, which is part of Grenada, which is only around half a mile square.  It is around 5 miles away.