Peter Island - 6 April

Fri 7 Apr 2006 02:34
This afternoon we headed to a deserted bay on the south side of Norman Island, called Money Bay.  The children swam for hours, picking up live conch from the bottom.  There were fields of perfect coral fans, as well as other types of colourful corals, which were stunning. 
We decided that it wouldn't be a good place to stay the night - the bay was a little exposed to the wind and swell, so we motored around to Little Harbour on Peter Island.  The bay is a perfect anchorage, and we tied a line ashore from our sterns, mediterranean style.  Here is Olympe, the Penns' boat:
The water is beautifully clean.
Yesterday we visited Sandy Cay, a small island where the children enjoyed some body boarding:
Alice and Pip coming out of the pipe
Sandy Cay