Las Palmas - 20 November

Sun 20 Nov 2005 10:25
The day has finally come for us to leave and everyone is eager to get going. Our start is at 1300 hrs this afternoon (Canarian time is the same as UK time). We feel in pretty good shape with only a few small jobs to finish off - things like topping up our water tanks and doing some final stowing of gear.

There is a website which will show the start, at although we suspect this will show the action from behind the start line, so may be difficult to work out.

We now have our TCF (handicap) rating, which is 1.041. Close to us on handicap are the Super Marimus, Oyster 56 and Jeanneau Sun Oddysey 52.2. We are the smallest boat in our group.

Last night there was a party on the pontoon next to our boat (which almost sank!) and then at midnight there were fireworks. Those of us who have been here for a long time feel very partied out and are looking forward to doing some sailing.

The weather forecast is for light winds from the SW (!) initially. There are a couple of lows out in the Atlantic, one of which we will avoid (by going south at the start) and the other is a bit of an unknown at present. Watch this space! I hope to continue updating the website on a regular basis, but in any event our position can be seen on the website.