39 00 100N 41 32 700W - 17 June

Sat 17 Jun 2006 16:59
Another beautful cloudless night, the sky so full of stars.  During the night we had light winds of SW force 3-4, quiet waves lapping the hull and the sound of bubbles popping as the water passed behind the boat.  When I awoke this morning it was eerily quiet.  There was only a zephyr of breeze and we were being carried along by a current of over 3 knots!   The sails were only just filling and the vang squeaked from time to time, otherwise we had a peace that we have not had since leaving the anchorage in Bermuda.
Thanks to the current we have covered 166 miles in the last 24 hours.  We are still heading slightly north of our rhum line, hoping for a bit more wind.  Our grib file (chart) weather forecasts indicate that the wind may fill in from the north east, in which case it will be beneficial to be north of the route, hopefully avoiding the need for a beat for the last few hundred miles.
This morning we have passed turtles swimming in the water, with jellyfish (which they eat):
There is still no luck on the fishing front and Juliet has threatened Charlie and Geoff with vegetarian food if there is no catch today.  The pork and lamb dishes and the chilli and bolognese sauce that Juliet made and froze before we set off have now all been eaten.  
Yesterday our generator stopped without warning, and we have found that the impellor was spinning freely on the shaft. Geoff and Charlie have been playing with glue and screws to try and fashion a repair.  In the meantime we will need to resort to the engine to charge our batteries.  Given the lack of wind, we may be wanting to motor soon anyhow.