Carriacou - 16 January

Thu 19 Jan 2006 12:22
We arrived at Hillsborough, on the island of Carriacou, the port of entry for Grenada and its islands, on 16 January.  The town itself was very rough.  Although it was Monday morning there were lots of people who seemed to be drunk or stoned and we saw a fight outside one of the bars.  We had to visit four departments to obtain our clearance to enter - immigration, customs, passport control and port authority, all of which required forms to be filled out, which was a bit tedious.  There are no photos as I didn't feel comfortable getting the camera out.  Alice said she heard words which were so bad she couldn't repeat them.  Eventually we got away and headed straight for another bay, Tyrrel Bay.
We had changed our courtesy flag for the Grenada one:
Grenada Flag
On the way to Tyrrell Bay we passed Sandy Island.  It was not as Charlie remembered it.  Then we realised that all the palm trees had been stripped off it, presumably by one of the hurricanes.
Sandy Island, with Union Island (in the background to the left) part of Carriacou (in the background to the right), so looking North
Tyrrel Bay is an attractive, sheltered bay, with a great Yacht Club.  The locals are very friendly.
Many of the buildings are quite basic:
The Old Rum Shop