Las Palmas - 12 November

Sat 12 Nov 2005 20:31
We are now counting down the final week before we leave for our Atlantic Crossing.  We are working hard to finish off the jobs list - our safety inspection next Tuesday has helped to get us focussed on getting the safety related ones done.  We have already had a rig inspection, which did not raise any problems.
Today Alice and Pip went to a children's party on the beach, organised by the ARC.  This gave us 2 hours to do a supermarket sweep and we managed to order the meat for our voyage (which the shop will freeze and vacuum pack) as well as the beer, soft drinks and many of the other foodstuffs that we need for 20 days away.  This will all be delivered next week, so then we just have to find space to stow it on the boat.  The provisioning of the boat is quite a major task, however it has been pointed out that no-one has ever starved on an ARC boat!
It has been wonderfully sociable for the children (as well as us) and they have friends all over marina.  We have a dedicated VHF channel to call them back for meals, bed etc!  Tomorrow there is the annual dinghy race, entitled "Don Pedro's International Dinghy Race" organised by Pedro who runs the fuel dock.  In the evening there is a barbeque, also laid on by Pedro.  There are social events every night. 
Boats dressed overall in the marina
The boats all look great - most are dressed overall.
Alice sitting on deck for her lunch
Charlie and Pip in the cockpit preparing a mango
There is very much an air of anticipation and everyone is busy getting their boats and themselves ready.  Tomorrow we have a diver coming to scrub the bottom of the boat, so that we are not taking Mediterranean weed to the Caribbean! 
We are looking forward to the arrival of Nick and Amanda next Thursday.