Menorca - East and North Coasts

Sat 10 Sep 2005 21:05
We have spent a week exploring Menorca, mainly along the East and North coasts, because of the winds and sea state.  We have had some sunny days but have also seen some amazing thunder storms (see picture of Tower below), with the barometer rising and falling at great speed.
View of anchorage at Isla Colom - Keoma is on right hand side
Tower overlooking Isla Colom (from where I took previous picture)
The tower was almost falling down (and into the sea!) but had great views.  Unfortunately Alice dropped her camera into a hole in the floor which had to be extracted using a fishing rod, boathook, torches and other paraphenalia!
Menorcan Moonscape 
Alice on Cliff
We did some superb snorkelling and caving in the dinghy
Success at last!
Getting wet again
Charlie windsurfing - nice weather for it!
Sunset over tower (taken from island - which is only accessible
to boat owners)
Cabo Favoritz Lighthouse
Helpful Crew