Isles des Saints - 27 February

Mon 27 Feb 2006 23:32
The intention today was to sail to Dominica, however we were enjoying the journey so much that we just carried on and ended up in Terre d'en Haut, Isles des Saints.  On the way we passed a pod of five sperm whales.  They were only around 20m from the boat, and were around 10m long each.
Whale Diving
For the first time in several weeks we had a flat sea for our sail, and with the wind aft of the beam, had a lovely reach up the coast of Dominica (which looked beautifully lush and mountainous) at speeds of 8-9 knots.  We then headed across the 20 mile stretch of water to Isles des Saints.  Coming into the islands was interesting, with lots of beautiful rock formations.
Rocks called La Coche
The town here looks lovely, although we have not been ashore yet.