Keoma - 27 November

Sun 27 Nov 2005 21:15
We have seen hundreds of flying fish, over the water, but this is the first to land on Keoma:
Alice and Pip have been rowing a bit, but Amanda has been giving them yoga classes, which has helped.  We have also had quite a few games of Scrabble in the cockpit:
We caught another dolphin fish today:
Administering the Vodka to kill the fish
Nick and the girls with the dolphin fish
This evening we had two very clear sitings of planets, being Venus and Mars, so we took the opportunity to get the sextant out.
Nick and Amanda with the sextant
Today the wind went right around to the SW, so we are currently on a beat, although the wind is light and the sea is flat so it is comfortable.  The latest forecast confirms that the trade winds will start on Tuesday and will remain until at least next weekend, which is fantastic news.  It has been a beautiful sunny day and we have resorted to the bimini to give some shade in the cockpit, for the first time on this passage.  We are all amazed how quickly the days are passing.