Lanzarote - Puerto Calero - 8 October

Sun 9 Oct 2005 10:41
Yesterday was a very exciting day for us, with the start of the mini transat race leg to Brazil.  We became the unofficial supporter boat for the 3 British boats, taking a number of parents and friends out to the start line and sailing along with the fleet.  Having offered to take some photos of Nick, he then asked whether I could take some for a follow-up article that The Times are proposing to write about him.  No pressure, then!
Anyhow, the results were ok and some of the pictures have already hit the website.
He had a cracking start, well in front of the pack (blue sail).
There were 70 boats at the start, so quite a mellee beforehand:
The Pack before the start
No, Charlie, you are not going to stow away
Alice and Pip were amazed that Nick's boat is smaller inside than each of their cabins on Keoma.
Pip (both top front teeth are wobbly)
Charlie has now shaved his beard off (which David will be relieved about!) but just for the record:
Beardy weirdy
3 wise monkeys - they actually stopped talking about the weather forecast for 10 seconds!
There is very much an "end of holiday" feel now that all the skippers have left Puerto Calero, and we are heading off to the Northern tip of Lanzarote, where there is reputed to be a beautiful unspoilt harbour on the Isla de Graciosa.