Tobago - 31 January

Sat 4 Feb 2006 14:43

After an upwind, rough, sail we arrived in Scarborough, the main town of Tobago.  It is noticeably much hotter than Grenada, being a little further south.  After we had got through the formalities of arrival (including filling out forms asking whether we had any stowaways on board) and been to the cash point for Trinidad & Tobago Dollars (our first change of currency since we arrived this side of the Atlantic) we walked through the town and out to one of the old plantation houses where we had lunch.
It is noticeable that the local people are incredibly friendly.  Everyone we walked past said hello and many wished us an enjoyable stay in Tobago.
The wildlife on Tobago is famous and we saw some beautiful birds in the garden next to where we were eating
We bought some hammocks for the boat (very cheaply), which Alice and Pip have enjoyed lolling around in.
At 10.30 pm (2.30 am UK time) Juliet had a phone call from her mum to say that Victoria has had a baby boy - Alberto, weighing in at 9lbs 1oz.  Mother and baby are doing well.  Wonderful news!  Alice and Pip are very excited about having a new cousin.