37 09 297N 47 48 435W - 15 June

Thu 15 Jun 2006 19:36
We spent most of the previous 24 hours in an adverse current of at least one knot, and this had an effect on our daily run, taking it down to 155 miles.  We again flew the spinnaker all night and continued to enjoy a south westerley wind of between force 3 and 4.  Last night was one of those perfect nights when there are so many bright stars in the sky and the same as phosphoresence in the water, and we were just a tiny speck, flying along.
At midnight we adjusted our clocks forward one hour, so we are now only 2 hours behind UTC.  At around 0700 hrs this morning (0900 UTC) we passed the half way point and as I write we have less than 800 miles to go to the Azores. 
It is another perfect day - sunny with a bright blue sky and sparkling sea. 
It now looks as though we will have the same conditions tomorrow too, with perhaps five knots more breeze.  We can't believe that we have been at sea for five days now and have enjoyed a consistent SW wind of mainly 12-18 knots.  We have not had to motor at all and it has really been fantastic sailing.  Let's hope it continues.