Passage to Gibraltar - 28 September

Wed 28 Sep 2005 15:35
We have covered a total of 1584 miles over two months, and, having started from Italy, are now in Gibraltar.  We saw some wonderful sights on the way here from Mallorca, including more whales:
A very tired house martin flew into the saloon for a few hours sleep (and left us some "lucky")
Sunset over the Costa del Sol
We had nearly two hours of dolphins playing around the boat at night - we could see them because of the phosphoresence.  They looked as though they were wearing a flourescent green veil all over their bodies, and left behind them a green wake.  They kept diving beneath the cockpit and coming up on the other side of the boat.  When they surfaced it looked like sparks coming off their fins.  Awesome but impossible to photograph!
On Monday night it got quite rough, with the easterly wind against the prevailing current coming in from the Atlantic. Poor Alice was seasick, but she was extremely brave and did not complain.
We saw more dolphins as we were closing on Gibraltar.  We think there were twelve or so of them and the acrobatics were stunning:
Children on bow looking at dolphins.  Gibraltar is just visible in the distance (around 15 miles away)
When I took this picture I stood on the transom, and the waves washed over my feet.  I noticed the sea was much colder - the Med has been 30 degrees C for most of the summer (it dropped to around 27 recently) but here it is 21 degrees!
On our approach to Gib some soldiers came up to us in a high speed rib.  They said there was about to be a parachute air drop and asked us to get out of the way.
As we entered the lea of Gibraltar there was a beautiful sunset
We have had difficulty getting hold of the Navionics GPS card that we need for the Canaries - might have to go back to old fashioned navigation!  Alternatively we may spend a few extra days in Gibraltar while one is sent over from England.  We spent last night in the anchorage - there was lots to see as we were right next to one end of the runway!  Fortunately the planes are relatively few and don't land or take off at night.  We are now in the Queensway Quay marina, where we have a berth for two nights.