On Passage to Bermuda - 22 May

Mon 22 May 2006 19:28
Last night was mostly very pleasant with 10-15 knots of wind from aft of the beam.  We ate chilli in the cockpit and had a beer. 
We had one squall of 30 knots that hit us in the early hours of the morning, but had seen it coming and already put a reef in the mainsail and genoa.  It brought with it some rain, which Geoff sat through (his watch).  It gave him a chance to test his new Seamark Nunn sailing jacket, which got a big thumbs up.
Today we have been mostly running downwind with the spinnaker up, which has been very hot.  The boat is corkscrewing a bit and Alice has felt seasick, although she has not been sick, thanks to several ginger nuts.  In the last 24 hours we have enjoyed an average speed of over 7 knots (assisted by some current) and currently have 680 miles left until Bermuda.  If we keep up this speed (unlikely) that would mean another 4 days at sea.
Charlie has installed the SSB radio receiver, although we are only hearing white noise as yet. 
The fishing has been completely unproductive so far today.  We are sailing in water which is over 4 miles deep.  There must be something down there!