Antigua - 8 March

Sat 11 Mar 2006 21:27

We enjoyed Nelson's Dockyard in English Harbour immensely - a very historic place.
Just a small anchor at the entrance to Nelson's Dockyard
The original buildings of the naval dockyard have been sympathetically restored, giving the area wonderful atmosphere.
There was an Atlantic rowing boat on display (double handed):
"What about this as our next project, Mary?"
Yesterday we sailed from Falmouth Harbour to Jolly Harbour.  On the way out of Falmouth we passed Mirabella V, the largest sloop in the world, aground in the channel.  It is hard to see the people in this picture, but there are a few on deck - there is someone right next to the forestay.
Mirabella V
We were very impressed with the bay outside Jolly Harbour, where we anchored - called Mosquito Cove (although we were not attacked by Mozzies).  It was a lovely peaceful place and the colour of the water was stunning.
On the way there we caught a small tuna (the lucky charm of grandparents on board is still working!):
However, this was a minnow in comparison to the monster we caught today.  We caught a kingfish which is around 20 lbs and a metre (3 feet) long!
For anyone who is interested, there is a feature in the magazine Practical Boat Owner (March Edition) on the ARC, including comment and pictures of us and many of our friends.  See page 103.
We are now anchored off Long Island, in Jumby Bay, an island just off the northern coast of Antigua. It is a beautiful white sand beach fringed with palm trees.  The only thing which detracts slightly from the setting is that it we are experiencing a violent rain storm.  Mary, Alice and Pip have gone ashore for an evening walk along the beach.  We hope they have found some shelter as the rain is the kind that hits you so hard it hurts!