Keoma - 6 December

Tue 6 Dec 2005 20:16
As I write this our GPS is telling us we have only 472 miles to go until we are sipping rum punches in Rodney Bay. There is a lot of excitement about landfall, particularly as the weather has been less good the last couple of days. We hope to be there on Friday, if the wind keeps up. Last night it was windy (we had two reefs in the main and put the spinnaker away at 9pm, replacing it with a small amount of the genoa) and we dodged several lightning storms. The latter were dramatic but we really didn't want to be close to them!

We now have large waves and Charlie and Nick are on deck enjoying the rain. We have not seen any other yachts or ships all day.

Earlier today we had an exciting time getting the spinnaker down in 26 knots of breeze. We nearly lost it overboard and all the adults were pretty exhausted afterwards. Down below the boat was a complete mess and the iridium phone ended up in the toilet - luckily it still works!