Ajaccio and Journey to Menorca

Tue 6 Sep 2005 10:45
Our last stop in Corsica was to visit the capital, Ajaccio.  We moored in the marina in the Old Town.  It is a real mix of old and new, with a hundred statues to Napoleon, who was born there but left when he was nine and apparently was ashamed of his "home" town.  The market was a great place to provision for our journey to Menorca (230 miles - 2 days at sea).
Ajaccio from the sea
Ajaccio Fishing Boats
Napoleon's House
Tourist Train - A & P loved this!
Market - Fruit Stall
Market - Spices
Pip's Tooth has come out!
Family on way to night out in Ajaccio
After leaving Ajaccio we headed for Menorca.  We were at sea for around 54 hours and thoroughly enjoyed the trip.  Just after dawn on the first morning J (asleap, having done the "dog" watch) was hastily summoned to see a pod of around 6 whales only 100 yards from the boat.  The picture is not very good (too sleepy!) but shows how they were silently gliding away in the early morning.
Later in the day we had a further treat - when we were around 30 miles away from Menorca four dolphins came to swim at the bow for 10 minutes or so.  It was really magical.  The pictures show their white undersides as they were turning over to look at us. 
This way!