45 13 049N 29 14 701W - 16 July

Sun 16 Jul 2006 13:33
We are still flying the spinnaker with a light SSW wind giving us a broad reach.  Over the last 24 hours we covered a slightly more respectable 158 miles.  Looking at the chart plotter we seem to be on a line roughly equidistant between Newfoundland and Cornwall, and we are heading for Iceland, which is a bit depressing.  However, we have to head in this direction in order to keep the wind, as there is a big windless high between us and the Bay of Biscay.  Maybe tomorrow we will turn right and head towards home.
There is a gentle Atlantic swell building, which is making the spinnaker flap in the light airs.
At the moment the children are doing schoolwork, supervised by Charlie and Mark is reading while on watch.  We have been eating very well, including lots of home made soup, which we are enjoying again now that it is cooler.