Keoma - 30 November

Wed 30 Nov 2005 20:42
Now that we have the trade winds behind us, we feel as though we are really moving along fast.  In the 24 hours to 12 noon today we covered 200 miles, and had the spinnaker up the whole time, other than a couple of hours in the early morning today when it was a bit gusty.  Our top speed was 12.5 knots and we held the spinnaker in up to 24 knots of breeze. 
We have really felt the impact of the heat today, and have all been a bit lethargic.   This morning we had lovely following, surfing waves.  This afternoon the sea has been more confused, although the waves are not large.  This has been the first day that we have not heard any chat over the VHF, and we have not seen any other boats or shipping today.
During tomorrow we will be passing a waypoint which is 1400 miles from St Lucia, which we are taking as our half way across the Atlantic position - a celebration is planned.  There has been a lot of talk about the first things we will do when we reach land - ice creams are a high priority, as are long walks!