39 41 874N 34 51 198W - 19 June

Mon 19 Jun 2006 17:43
The last 24 hour run covered 147 miles, but we are close-hauled now.  This makes it quite difficult to achieve daily tasks, because the boat is healed over.  Food preparation is particularly difficult, with no flat surfaces.  We are also going into a medium-sized sea, so the boat is being buffeted around by the waves.  Alice was seasick this morning, having done very well so far on this trip.
We currently have a NE wind force 4 and expect to arrive in Flores mid-afternoon tomorrow.  We are really looking forward to getting there
We keep seeing camera-shy dolphins, who disappear as soon as a camera comes out.  We presume that they are feeding on something, but we still haven't managed to catch any fish ourselves.
Currently Geoff and Pip are playing Connect-4, Charlie is helming and Alice is reading the dictionary (she must be bored!)