Keoma - 2 December

Fri 2 Dec 2005 20:58
Today we have enjoyed steady 7-10 knot winds, mainly from the East.  We have moved our clocks back one hour, and plan to do another hour within the next few days, so that mornings are light and evenings are twilight.  It makes the 12 o'clock ARC position log in require a bit more thought, but will also avoid us being out of synch when we arrive in St Lucia.
It has been a fairly quiet day, with Alice and Pip making boats to tow behind Keoma:
We had another game of Scrabble, won by Nick and Alice:
We are also on day 2 of our advent calendars - the whole idea of christmas seems bizarre to us right now! It is permanently over 30 degrees. 
We have had a sweepstake as to when we arrive in St Lucia.  The person who is furthest from the actual arrival time will be the one who has to dump the rubbish, currently festering in the anchor locker!