Isola Caprera - Maddalena Islands, Sardinia

Sat 27 Aug 2005 12:50
Before leaving Olbia we visited the local windsurfing shop.  It was a long and protracted negotiation, but we made what Charlie described as some excellent "investments" in two boards and rigs/sails.
Armchair Windsurfing
We listened to the weather forecast before leaving Olbia and knew that there was a mistral on the way, but the day seemed so perfect it seemed a pity not to go, and we were itching to get to the Maddalena Islands.  However, we got about half way there and started to see some threatening clouds, dark wind shadows approaching on the sea, the waves started to build and soon we were doing nearly 10 knots under only a reefed foresail (upwind).  Then the rain came down and we were completely drenched.  Surprisingly the children were delighted - having not seen rain for so long they couldn't wait to get out in it!
Leaving Olbia
Alice the sea gypsy
Ominous skies
Rain in Cala Portese
Pip enjoying the rain
The following day the rain had dried up, although there were still very strong mistral squalls.  We had been lucky to find a mooring (rather than anchoring) in the cove we had chosen (Cala Portese).  We climbed up to the cliff above the cove for a great view of the Bonifacio Strait.  Although our cove is very sheltered, there are still wind squalls visible on the water in many of the pictures.  Needless to say it was perfect windsurfing weather!
Pink rocks in Cala Portese
Start of our climb up to the bothy overlooking Cala Portese
Keoma on mooring
Charlie and children (with Keoma in background)
Anchorage with view of Bonifacio Strait
Cala Portese beach and Bonifacio Strait in background
Outside the bothy we climbed up to
Sea flower
Charlie in his element!