Mayreau - 12 February

Fri 24 Feb 2006 21:44

Today is David's birthday and we arranged a barbeque lobster-fest for him at Saltwhistle Bay, on Mayreau.
David (in birthday shirt) with his lunch
Saltwhistle Bay is a beautiful anchorage - very protected from the wind and only a gentle roll.
The dock at Saltwhistle Bay - Pip and Eddie (from Tamarisk) in dinghy
We are pleased that Granny and Grandpa have continued to be (Alice's words) "a lucky charm" for fishing and a couple of days ago we caught a small barracuda, which was delicious cooked on our boat bbq.
Returning here necessitated checking back into St Vincent and the Grenadines - here is Alice taking down the yellow customs flag once we had been cleared.
Yesterday we went snorkelling in the Tobago Cays - here is Pip's impression of Daddy and Granny swimming with a turtle: