Tenerife - Santa Cruz - 6 November

Sun 6 Nov 2005 21:06
Alice and Pip were a little disappointed to be missing Guy Fawkes night - there have been no fireworks here at all.  However, there was great excitement this morning when we realised that Gipsy Moth IV was moored up on the same pontoon as us.  Alice went straight over to say hello and they have put a photo of her on their website.  The site is www.gipsymoth.org and contains details of Sir Francis Chichester's solo circumnavigation in 1966/7 and his subsequent knighthood.
In the navstation of Gipsy Moth IV
The board that the instruments are on (behind the heads of Alice and Pip) is actually hinged.  When lifted up a full panel of the most high-tech modern instruments is revealed!
The compass is original (restored) and a real work of art.
We are sailing to Las Palmas tomorrow.