Tobago - 1 February

Sat 4 Feb 2006 14:43

Today we sailed up to Anse Bateau on the east coast of Tobago, a journey of around 14 miles.  It is far from the hustle of Scarborough and we are the only yacht at anchor in the bay.  Although it is on the east coast, it is well protected by reefs and islands.  As we anchored a turtle kept popping his head up, watching us.
View of Anse Bateau from the headland, looking north
Alice with cannon - view of Speyside behind (the bay to the south of Anse Bateau)
We found some ruins of an old sugar plantation, complete with rusting water mill
The plant life is vibrant and the air is full of bird song.
These birds are called bananaquips and are tiny, with a beautiful song and there were hundreds of them.