Corsica 2

Thu 1 Sep 2005 21:43
After leaving Bonifacio we were keen to find somewhere off the beaten track.  We first went to a place called Pianotoli-Caldarello.  To get to the anchorage we had to find our way past numerous vicious rocks and then through a narrow channel.  After that we were faced with quite a small area for anchoring, so decided to do it Mediterranean-style, using our anchor and then putting a stern line on a convenient rock ashore (see the picture).  This worked well and it was a beautiful peaceful evening.  Unfortunately the following morning, while we were watching sea planes land very close to us, the wind rose to 22 knots (abeam of the boat) and we started to drag the anchor.  J had to swim ashore and let off the stern line in a hurry!
Mediterranean Mooring
We sailed around 30 miles North-West, to a place called Campomoro.  It is a beautiful bay on the West coast of Corsica, and is very unspoilt.  The village has a caribbean feel.
Keoma at anchor
Campomoro Village
Main Road
Fishing Jetty
There is a 15th century tower on the headland, which we walked up to.
View of Campomoro Tour from afar
Campomoro Tour
View of Campomoro Bay from Tour
There is also a beautiful beach and some superb rock pools
Campomoro Beach
Sea Urchin
Sea Urchin 2
Alice in water
Alice in a rockpool
Pip (who has her first wobbly tooth)