On Passage to Bermuda - 25 May

Fri 26 May 2006 19:36
We are all suffering from too much time at sea - last night Juliet came up for her watch several hours early, only to be told by Geoff that he had just started his watch and her one was not until 3am.  This meant getting all the wet-weather gear off and back into bed, by now wide awake.
The wind direction continued to be more or less north for the whole night, although it was constantly changing slightly in direction and windspeed, so required constant vigilance on the helm.   In early morning the wind turned easterly, much to our relief.  The cool air brought by the northerly has stayed with us.  Last night we slept with duvets for the first time in months.
Yesterday evening we saw a typical high pressure sunset, with beautiful colours.
We are currently around 170 miles from Bermuda, having covered around 120 miles yesterday.  We actually sailed further than this, but not in a straight line because we were beating the whole day.
Today the wind is coming from the east so we have a fine reach, although the wind is extremely light.  We have been through the middle of a high pressure zone - the barometer currently reads 1019mb and we are in the centre of the high, with not much wind; drifting along.  At least we aren't healed over and slamming into waves like yesterday, making life much easier on board.  We have just launched the spinnaker, in the hope of a few knots more boat speed.
There is now only a little fresh food on board and are looking forward to landfall, which will probably be tomorrow evening.