Menorca - Cala Covas - 9th September

Sat 10 Sep 2005 22:15
Cala Covas is an amazing cove on the South coast of Menorca.  Because of strong southerlies we had not been able to go there until yesterday.
On the way there - reading on deck
It is a very narrow cove - only around 90m wide at the entrance (which was difficult to see from the sea - we used GPS to get there and could only see it when we were almost there).  There are reputed to be around 150 caves, some of which are prehistoric.  We explored a few of them and the children loved it.
Cala Covas from the sea
Heading for the entrance
Inside Cala Covas
We anchored with a line ashore to a convenient ring in the wall situated around one third of the way across from the left hand side.
View of some of the caves
The entrance seen from Keoma (once we had anchored)
View of Keoma from above
View of Keoma from side
Cave Dweller
Alice with the rescued camera
We leave for Majorca tomorrow, (weather dependant)