Virgin Gorda - 16 April

Tue 18 Apr 2006 13:58
The day before yesterday (Easter Saturday) we hired a hoby cat and took some beer to the beach.  Everyone wanted to use the catermeran, especially the children.  That evening we had a BBQ on Wild Alliance.  She is the perfect party boat and easily accommodated 27 people.
The children on the bow of Wild Alliance
The wine was flowing:
Juliet (photo by Leon from Regina) - she enjoyed filling glasses, especially her own
Yesterday we sailed to Norman Island, with Wild Alliance, Kosh Long, Tamarisk and Coconut.   We put up our spinnaker for the sail to Norman Island.
Keoma (photo by Penny from Tamarisk)
Keoma from behind (photo by Penny from Tamarisk)
Keoma performed well in the conditions.  Charlie and Juliet practised some spinnaker gybes and were exhausted after seven.  We are looking forward to having other people on board to share the work, for Antigua Race Week.  We also discovered some pin holes in the spinnaker which will need to be fixed before Antigua Week.