Petit St Vincent - 15 January

Mon 16 Jan 2006 00:55
Yesterday we left Tobago Cays and headed for Union Island, where we stayed the night and did some shopping.
Clifton Town, Union Island, from the anchorage
One of the docks on Union Island (the hut on the left sells bread, croissants etc)
While in Clifton we found some fish kites, and I managed to fulfill my promise to Pip to replace her fish kite that was lost (from the backstay) in the 50 knot thunderstorm we sailed through between Menorca and Majorca.  She was over the moon about this.
New fish kite, flying from backstay
The sail across to Petit St Vincent took only around and hour, and we went the long way (avoiding "Crazy Corrigan's Crooked Passage" which we thought looked a bit narrow, with rocks either side.)  There is a massive reef protecting the anchorage here but it is still a bit rolly.  The weather has now improved - the unsettled patch (which had apparently affected the entire Caribbean for the last week or so) seems to have passed, which is good news.  PSV is really beautiful and tiny; all that is here is a very exclusive hotel.  We made the mistake of sitting on some sun loungers and a hammock on a remote part of the beach - somehow they knew we were there and came along in a Mini Moke to let us know that these were only for the hotel guests.  We wondered - how did they know we weren't hotel guests?!!!
The forbidden hammock
PSV - Keoma is anchored just off this beach
Tomorrow we will sail onwards to Carriacou.