La Gomera - 28 October

Fri 28 Oct 2005 23:13
We now have less than one month before the big off on 20 November, which we are very excited about. We are busy getting the boat in tip top condition for the crossing and there are lots of conversations about watch systems, weather, other participants, how to occupy the children, safety inspections, menu plans, etc. On the crossing we will have two extra crew with us, Nick and Amanda Deacon, who we have sailed with a great deal before, including Cowes Week 2001. They will join us 3 days before we leave Gran Canaria, and then leave St Lucia shortly before Christmas. They have not yet sailed on Keoma at all so it will be a steep learning curve to get acquainted.

Around 7 November we will return to Las Palmas for the final run up to departure. One of our main hatches has a broken hinge (we are blaming the children for this) so we will need to obtain the parts to repair it. There is also a host of other small jobs.

We would love to hear from anyone reading this, and can be emailed at the following address:

One of our first names then the usual sign for "at" then dearloves dot net. I have written it in this way to try to stop spammers, who will take up valuable download time. While ashore we have been using internet cafes, but at other times we have to use our satelite phone to download our mail, which is slow and expensive.