Keoma - 24 November

Thu 24 Nov 2005 20:53
Last night, following the email from the ARC organisers that one of the ARC yachts had had a suspicious approach from an unlit boat, we decided to tag along with a group of boats which became known, over the VHF, as "the Norwegian Convoy".  Sailing conditions were superb - we were on a beam reach for most of the night, with speeds between 7 and 8.5 knots and flat water.  The stars were bright and the phosphorescence made the water starry as we passed through - it was just magic.
This morning we had similar conditions, although slightly less wind, but this afternoon the wind has dropped to very little and we are tweaking the big kite to get 3 knots of boatspeed.
Earlier today we caught another dolphin fish, which is bigger than the previous one:
This one had a mane like the previous one, but it is not being held up for this picture.  We understand that the males have much more square heads, so think that perhaps today's catch is a male whereas the other one we caught was female.  Guess what is on the menu tonight!  Strangely we had two lines running out of the back of the boat, with different lures, and both caught at the same time.  The other one "got away" unfortunately taking the tackle and most of the line with it.
We are getting lots of weather updates on the subject of Tropical Storm Delta, which we are hoping will start to track North shortly.  ARC has issued advice as to the area to avoid, which we are following.
Here is a brain teaser - do you recognise the person below (clue - it is not Michael Bolton)
Answers by email please - we are receiving emails by satelite phone, and the email address starts with any of our first names, then the usual "at" then dearloves dot net.