Union Island - 19 February

Fri 24 Feb 2006 21:46

Yesterday was a perfect Saturday in Tobago Cays.  The weather was an unbroken blue sky and the sea was turquoise.  We took a picnic lunch to the beach on Baradal and enjoyed an afternoon there, with the families living aboard Tamarisk, Wild Alliance and Aventura. 
Baradal, with white sand beach showing - view from Keoma
The children had some wonderful games, including rebuilding their sand house and the adults enjoyed a few beers and windsurfing.  Everyone, even 2 year old Nancy from Wild Alliance, went snorkelling and watched the turtles.
Two iguanas appeared on the scene, each around 1 metre long:
This morning we set off early, bound for Hillsborough in Carriacou, where we dropped David and Bridget off on the ferry to Grenada, for their flight home.  We think Pip may miss her Granny:
Tonight we are back in Union Island, to provision and will then start our journey further north, back to Bequia or Mustique, depending how we feel tomorrow!