Grenada - 7 February

Fri 10 Feb 2006 03:04
Hog Island marks another bay along the south coast of Grenada.  It is a superb anchorage, protected by a dog leg reef, therefore beautifully protected from the waves.
Hog Island Anchorage
There is a small, pristine beach there, complete with a beach bar which is powered by a car battery.  It is run by Roger.  We went there for Grenada's Independence Day celebrations, along with lots of other "live-aboards" and locals.  There was live music and a barbeque as well as plenty of Carib (local beer).
Roger's Bar
Alice on the beach
We sailed around to Grand Mal (the bay just north of St George in Grenada), in preparation for our journey up to the Grenadines.  Amazingly our run of bad luck with the fishing seems to have changed, and we caught the fish in the picture below.  We are not sure what kind of fish it is and would appreciate any ideas (via email).  The fish tasted very good and was a white fleshed fish with a very meaty texture.