Gran Canaria - 18 October

Wed 26 Oct 2005 11:27

Having hired a car, we set out on a tour of the northern half of the island:
Coast View
We stopped on the West Coast, near San Nicolas, for lunch, and saw some amazing waves.  It was actually a very calm day and we were wondering what it would be like in bad weather.
Pip just manages to dodge a wave
The Hire Car (which the children loved)
Mountain Road (note the caves on the rockface)
The scenery was spectacular, and there was often a sheer drop at the edge of the road.  Fortunately we didn't end up like this:
Upturned car on river bed
We reached the village at the top of the mountain (1400m) and found a house with a perfect rose garden!  The climate was quite like home at that altitude.
The above is Roque Bentaiga, worshipped by the ancient indiginous people of the Canaries. 
We saw quite a few caves which had obviously been used as houses, and also many caves which had had a house exterior added, like the above.
Cactus Fruit
Cactus (diameter around 10m)
Hope they don't fall on us...
Perfect Palms