Lanzarote - 5 October

Thu 6 Oct 2005 13:24
We visited Puerto Calero (around 20kms away) to see the mini transat fleet, who have stopped off on their way to Brazil.  We met up with Nick Bubb, who is one of the sailors in the fleet.  The boats are 21 feet long and sail across the Atlantic single handed.  Nick said that on the trip from La Rochelle to Lanzarote he had 10 hours sleep in 7 days, which made us feel pathetic about being tired from our two handed trip from Gibraltar!  Alice and Pip went down below on his boat and were amazed at the difference between the luxury of ours, and the cramped conditions of the minis.
Some of the mini-transat fleet
Sculpture at the entrance to Puerto Calero
Alice is taking the fishing a bit too seriously (we caught her reading "Sport Fishing" in the marina office)
Geoff Sinton had brought some repaired sails and other items out to the fleet and we had dinner with him (far right) and Nick (second left)
Although the marina we are currently in, at Playa Blanca, is very luxurious, with all kinds of facilities including a lovely swimming pool, we plan to take Keoma around to Puerto Calero tomorrow so that we can watch the start of the next leg of the mini-transats on Saturday (when they leave for the long haul to Brazil.)