The Atlantic - 22 November

Tue 22 Nov 2005 21:15
The fish Nick caught was tremendous, and it fed us all for two delicious meals.
We identified it to be a dolphin fish.
Later we were treated to a spectacular sunset:
Today has been a quiet day with mainly NE 2-3.  Activities on board included hairdressing:
We were passed by Ocean Strider (a Moody 44) who admitted they were motoring!  They have two daughters on board so Alice had a good chat with them over the VHF.
Ocean Strider
We spoke to Stewart Oliver on Azure (Swan 48) on the VHF - they are around 10 miles away and have had a water maker failure.  This means that aside from drinking water they are allowed only one cup of fresh water a day for cleaning teeth, washing etc.  We also spoke to Blase (Dufour Classic 41), who are around 25 miles away. They have seen a sperm whale.
Alice monkeying around
The wind has now gone to the North.  We are sailing quite slowly but have resisted motoring (other than half an hour yesterday).  The boat has a gentle rock from side to side, but we no longer notice it and no-one has trouble spending time down below now (except Alice when she doesn't want to wash up!)
Here is a picture of us eating dinner this evening - very civilised!  We do not expect this to last...